Thursday, November 19, 2009

Added Links

I added a "Helpful Links" gadget to the sidebar, relocated the TWITTER link there as well. Please send me ideas for additional links that I can add.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Lock, etc

Update from Gregg:

As of 4:30 yesterday, a new lock has been put back on the upper gate, keyed to your existing keys.
So far I've had only encouraging response from cabin owners for setting up a 'distribution network'. If something important comes up that owners can use, call or email me and I'll broadcast it. Anything important and relevant to the cabins, including water closings and openings, Annual cabin owners party/water meeting notices, bear activity, gate issues, fire road closures and the like can easily be distributed to all those on the list. I'm not interested in forwarding fishing reports, meat bee activity... Maybe issues with the forest service or those fishing reports can be discussed on a blog or twitter or some such network.
Brad has offered his availability and expertise in getting it off the ground, so once I get together with him, he will be the primary contact person, followed by me. He will be much more accessible for a quick response to potential future emergencies. At this point I'm just collecting contact info and comments.
My goal is to set up a distribution group quickly and easily in order to reduce (or hopefully eliminate?) problems from lack of knowledge, like showing up at a locked gate. I do not expect there would be more than 5 or 6 broadcast contacts needed in a normal year.. Let's see how it turns out.
Gregg Bashford

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

email from the edge

This in today via Gregg Bashford

Hi... Just a quick bulletin notice on a couple timely items, driven by this first item:
1. I just found out that the upper gate lock (at the campground kiosk) has been stolen and we are at this point locked out of access to the cabins. Pete and Reggie are going to be replacing it soon, and I will be emailing you when that is confirmed... Bring walking shoes if you're going up before then. If you need an update before I send out an email followup, please call Pete C.
2. There is a "public scoping meeting" regarding their plan to "implement vegetative treatments" (read: logging) in Dinkey tonight at 6pm at the Prather Forest Service Office (29688 Auberry rd). Contact Ramiro Rojas at (559) 855.5355 with questions. This notice was mailed to cabin owners of record Oct 22nd.
3. A second notice was sent Oct. 20 saying that this weekend (7th and 8th) is when trees will be designated (marked?) for removal, and we are invited to be present at our cabins to, among other things, make suggestions on tree selection around your cabin...Again, Mr. Rojas is the lead guy, with Nancy Woolsey in Prather as backup. Be sure to read the letter sent to you as there is November 5 action items.
I presume #1 above will be resolved before #3 occurs this weekend...
And lastly, these things illustrate the need for an email distribution list for notifying all owners in a timely manner for the things (emergencies, reminders) that come up. (I expect a bill from my plumber for driving up, only to turn around and drive back to Prather, DID NOT NEED TO HAPPEN!!). I am willing to put an email alert group together and have it ready for the next 'event', and your input and help is needed. I got your email address from the Dinkey Creek Tract Water Meeting in July, or personal contact. If you want to include others or other email addresses, please send that info now. We should have as many contacts for each cabin as reasonable, since email is not a perfect communication mode. Anyone connected to your cabin that has email can always call you.