Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dinkey Creek Water News - Creekside Cabins

Summer cabin season has finally arrived.  Last Saturday, Owen and I filled the wooden tanks, inspected the primary water lines, made several repairs and opened the main valves.  The water system is up and running, however we have not yet received the results of our water tests, so until we get word that the water is safe, please refrain from drinking it.  In other words it's OK to flush with, but not to drink. As you are likely already aware, we are currently in an EXTREME DROUGHT condition, please use water as sparingly as possible.  Our water supply is extremely limited and may not last all the way through the summer.  Many cabin owners in nearby areas of the forest have who have no water this year are installing personal tanks and paying someone to regularly fill them.  This is an expensive solution which we would prefer avoiding. 

Fortunately, the drilling phase of our new well project is complete and we are in a good position to supply our cabins with a fresh source of high quality drinking water. The original budget for the well was based on a drilling depth of 300 feet, however we had to drill approximately 900 feet before reaching water of sufficient quality and quantity. This is an additional expense that we will divide equally among cabin owners.  Owen is in the process of getting cost estimates for the remainder of the project.  We are hoping to do much of the work ourselves avoiding as much labor cost as is reasonable.

There are a few cabin owners who have yet to pay the $1500.00 that was assessed in 2014.  If you are one of those people, please make your payment as soon as possible.  The sooner we get more money in our account, the sooner we can complete the project and the more likely we won't run out of water this summer.  If you are unable to pay the the whole amount, consider splitting it up and making a few partial payments. 

Looking forward to another great Dinkey Summer.


Brad Barker
Dinkey Creek Water and Improvement Association